Saturday, March 18, 2023

Short Takes – 3-18-23

Trump suggests he will be arrested Tuesday, calls for supporters to ‘protest, take our nation back!’. article. Pull quote: “CNN reported that senior staff members from Bragg’s office, the New York Police Department (NYPD) and New York State Court Officers have had meetings about security needs following any possible charges being filed. The court officers are responsible for securing state court facilities, including the New York Supreme Court building in Manhattan.”

CDC and ATSDR Staff Begin Next Steps in Chemical Exposure Investigation in East Palestine, Ohio. article. Pull quote: “While CDC and ATSDR staff will be returning from the field, the ACE survey will remain online and data collection will continue until March 31. Over the next couple of months, CDC and ATSDR will work with the health departments to analyze data and share results. These results can be used by the states to help inform public health recommendations and lessons learned. CDC and ATSDR will continue to respond to requests for remote technical assistance for as long as needed.” ASTDR derailment web site includes links to other federal resources.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin Faces Arrest Warrant by International Court. article. Pull quote: “The U.S. has had a fraught relationship with the ICC, in the 1990s helping lead the movement for a permanent war-crimes tribunal but declining to ratify its charter, known as the Rome Statute, after negotiators failed to give the U.S. and the other four permanent members of the U.N. Security Council—including Russia—the power to squelch ICC prosecutions.”

In times of scarcity, California’s best new source of water? Reuse. article. Pull quote: “A Stanford study published in November of last year found that recycled water for potable reuse is much cleaner than conventional tap water sources. Because the source is wastewater, regulators require a more intensive treatment process to clear the water of even the smallest of contaminants that can be found in standard drinking water treatment facilities.”

The US aims to close its fermentation capacity gap. article. Pull quote: “Biomanufacturing companies are trying to increase fermentation capacity across the US at all levels of production, from flexible pilot plants to large-scale contract manufacturing operations. Some firms are buying old fermentation facilities that once made biofuels or food ingredients and retrofitting them to support new technologies. Others hope to build brand-new biobased foundries that are versatile enough to make a variety of products.”

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