Saturday, March 25, 2023

Short Takes – 3-25-23

CHIPS for America Incentives Program Webinar on Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for National Security Guardrails. Federal Register NIST Webinar notice. Webinar March 30th, 2023. Summary: “The CHIPS Program Office will host a public webinar in connection with the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for national security guardrails included in the CHIPS for America Incentives Program. In this webinar, the CHIPS Program Office will review the national security measures included in the CHIPS and Science Act and the additional details and definitions outlined in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The webinar will also cover how the public can submit comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.” Registration required.

Russia Braces For Attack By 50,000 Ukrainian Kamikaze Drones, Seeks Shotguns. article. Pull quote: ““Recently, it has become known that, in terms of drones, buyers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have bought up almost the entire market of FPV drone components in China, according to indirect estimates, by 50-100 thousand units,” writes Russian Engineer. “They have already trained more than a thousand operators of these models. They make them into kamikaze with a shaped charge warhead from RPG-7, or with a fragmentation grenade. And they have accumulated all this before the offensive.””

Cape Congestion: World’s busiest spaceport stretched to its limits. article. Pull quote: “He noted on a SpaceCom panel that the center was already trying to juggle growing power demands at the center. That included “carving out” part of the grid that serves Exploration Park, the commercial development just outside the center’s gates, so that a local utility could set up a substation to meet the needs of Blue Origin’s New Glenn manufacturing facility there.”

Bacteria from meat may cause more than a half-million UTIs, study says. article. Pull quote: ““We have identified the really risky strains of E. coli in animals,” Price said. “And now we can vaccinate them against these specific bacteria, resulting in a win-win for public health as well as the animal industry.””

In case involving whiskey and a dog toy, Supreme Court misses the joke. article. Pull quote: “From there it was a blizzard of hypotheticals and assertions: references to pornography and sex toys, stirring defenses of fine photography and First Amendment rights, a dig at a famed law school and one justice’s admission that — if recasting the whiskey’s famous square bottle as a rubbery, squeaky chew toy was satirical, as its maker, VIP Products, claims — she was missing the joke.”

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