Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Review – New CFATS Website – Landing Page

Last month CISA updated the web sites for various programs operating under their auspices. I have previously looked at the web site for the reorganized cybersecurity program in the Agency. That was a fairly lengthy review (at least over on CSFN Detailed Analysis) process. Unfortunately, the pages supporting the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program are a lot more complex than any other program under CISA’s supervision. That is the reason for my delay in looking at this site, every time I started unwinding the site some other writing project popped up to distract me. So, better late than never, here goes. I will start with the CFATS landing page.

CFATS Landing Page

The CFATS landing page is a much thinned down version of the earlier version, with a lot of the content that used to describe the program now missing. More importantly, the menu that used to grace the left border of the page that effectively served as an index to the CFATS pages, has also been drastically thinned out. To replace that longer index, CISA has added nine large blocks near the bottom of the page, each one providing a link to the one of the following topics;

CFATS Process,  

CFATS Resources,

Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI),

Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT),

Risk-Based Performance Standards (RBPS),

CFATS Laws and Regulations,

CFATS and Executive Order 13650,

CFATS Monthly Statistics, and

CFATS Knowledge Center

Below those blocks, CISA has added a short list of “Featured CFATS Resources”. Because of the use of the word ‘featured’ I suspect that this list of pages, currently just four pages, will change as CISA tries to emphasize (or perhaps update) different portions of the site. Currently this list links for the Risk Based Performance Standards (RBPS) guidance document (no change here), two fact sheets, and the ‘Personnel Surety Program Instructions’ (again no change here). At the bottom of this list there is a link to a ‘View All CFATS Resources’ page.


For more details about the information that can be found on the Landing Page, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis - https://patrickcoyle.substack.com/p/new-cfats-website - subscription required.

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