Saturday, March 11, 2023

CRS Reports – Week of 3-4-23 – Cybersecurity Strategy

This week the Congressional Research Service (CRS) published report on “The National Cybersecurity Strategy—Going Where No Strategy Has Gone Before”. This report provides links to previous strategies and summarizes the Strategy and provides policy context for decisionmakers and considerations relevant to the 118th Congress. In its discussion about considerations for Congress, the paper notes:

“Two areas that have gained congressional attention are the objectives related to regulation and software liability. In pursuing both of these approaches, the Administration seeks to address an issue with current computing wherein end users bear the burden of software vulnerabilities and their malicious exploitation. The Administration is pursuing a strategic shift of cybersecurity responsibility away from end users towards companies and other parties that are in centralized positions to improve cybersecurity. Previous efforts directed at these parties have sought to encourage responsible behavior with voluntary standards; however, the voluntary nature of such standards led to uneven adoption.”

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