Thursday, January 26, 2023

Short Takes – 1-26-23

McCarthy might have a math problem in blocking Omar from panel. article. Pull quote: ““There’s already two Republicans that have indicated that they won’t vote to put her off, and I think others will come aboard also,” said Rep. Gregory Meeks (N.Y.), the senior Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, who is lobbying Republicans on Omar’s behalf.”

Amended Trade Mission Date and Application Deadline to the Cyber Security Business Development Mission to India. Federal Register notice. Pull quote: “The International Trade Administration has determined that to allow for optimal execution of recruitment and event scheduling for the mission, the dates of the mission are postponed from May 23-27, 2022 to May 22-26, 2023. As a result of the shift of the event dates the application deadline is also revised to April 14, 2023. Applications may be accepted after that date if space remains and scheduling constraints permit.”

Lawmakers submit more than 140 amendments as House opens process for first time in seven years. article. Lots of duplicate and near-duplicate amendments being offered by both Republicans and Democrats. Pull quote: “Unlike structured or closed rules, which limit the number of amendments considered — as determined by the House Rules Committee for each bill — a modified-open rule allows anyone to submit an amendment as long as they do so the day before a bill is debated.”

How the US can radically improve chemical safety. opinion piece. Pull quote: “The “essential-use approach” is quite simple in theory: If a chemical is harmful, or suspected of being harmful, it should be restricted to only those uses that are essential — and only until safer alternatives are developed. One can hardly find fault with that logic. Are antimicrobial socks or waterproof bathing suits essential enough to risk the use of harmful chemicals? Not likely. But we may need these chemicals in some surgical gowns or firefighting gear, at least until a safer alternative is developed.”

ACC Welcomes Bipartisan Trucking Reform Bill. press release. Pull quote: “Chemical manufacturers are concerned that constraints in the trucking industry could hinder future growth and investments. The expansion of chemical production in the U.S. is driving increased transportation demands. ACC estimates that 370 thousand additional truck shipments will be needed annually by 2032 to transport chemicals produced in the U.S.” 

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