Saturday, November 12, 2022

Review - CFATS 15th Anniversary – Bringing the Regulations to Life


Yesterday CISA’s Office of Chemical Security (OCS) updated their ‘CFATS 15th Anniversary’ web site, adding links to a new post about the history of the CFATS program and the “More Than a Job – The People Behind the Program” video that I briefly mentioned last week. The new post, “Bringing the Regulation to Life: Chemical Security Inspectors and the First CFATS Inspections”, looks at the process of standing up Chemical Security Inspectors. My earlier posts in this series include:

CFATS 15th Anniversary – CISA Takes a Look Back, and

CFATS History and Appendix A

Outsider Comments

As with my earlier post in this series, here are some links below about my contemporary blog posts about CSI issues:

DHS Chemical Facility Inspectors,

Chemical Facility Inspection Team Philosophy,

Adversarial versus Cooperative Inspections,

DHS Inspections: Alternative Staffing Ideas,

DHS Inspections: Contract Inspectors,

DHS Contract Inspectors,

Third-Party Inspectors,

Chemical Security Academy,

CFATS Inspector Finds Damaged HF Tank,

CFATS Inspectors,

DHS Hiring Situation,

Hiring Chemical Security Inspectors,

Chemical Security Inspector Opening,

Personnel Problems at ISCD,

ISCD Labor Issues,

ISCD Reorganization,

CFSI Pay Problems,

Reader Comments – Inspector Issues, and

Reader Comment – Misguided Information


For a more detailed look at the CISA post, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis - - subscription required

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