Saturday, November 5, 2022

New CFATS’ 15th Anniversary Videos

Yesterday, CISA made a second change to their CFATS 15th Anniversary web page in a week. The latest change is the addition of a “CFATS 15th Anniversary Videos” section to the page. The new section provides a link to the “Chemical Security Is National Security” YouTube video. The video provides comments from David Wulf (former CFATS Director), Matt Fridley (Brenntag North America), and David Mussington (CISA), on the national security aspects of the CFATS program.

The video is on a portion of the CFATS YouTube channel that includes the following videos that seem to play into the 15th anniversary theme:

A Regulatory Program with Flexibility – What Makes CFATS Different”,

The Global Standard for Chemical Security”,

More Than a Job – The People Behind the Program”,

The Public-Private Partnership Model”, and

Industry’s Perspective on the Future of CFATS

I seem to recall that the lead video was presented at the 2022 Chemical Security Summit, but I cannot find any mention of it.

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