Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Short Takes – 11-2-22

Diesel big rigs have belched smog for years. California may soon ban them. article.  Pull quote: “In what may be one of the most consequential developments yet, the California Air Resources Board, a niche but powerful agency, appears likely to adopt a rule that would ban most diesel big rigs and other large vehicles that run on fossil fuels within the next two decades. For some, the transition would begin as soon as 2024. The move, which the board considered at a meeting last week, would drastically reshape the trucking industry and set a standard for the nation, just months after the state banned the sale of new gasoline-powered cars.”

Ukrainian-made drones carry out ‘unprecedented attack’ on Russian warships in Sevastopol. article. “"The most interesting thing: obviously, all these drones (for an air attack and sea drones, surface drones) were made by Ukrainian specialists; everything was made by some people who have a fairly high level of engineering knowledge,” said Butusov.”

Businesses Seek to Soften SEC Cyber Rules. article. Pull quote: “Energy giant Chevron, meanwhile, warned in a comment last week that the SEC’s proposed public reporting regime could also complicate CISA’s attempt to analyze data shared by critical infrastructure firms and share it across the public and private sectors. Chevron and medical test company Quest Diagnostics called for the SEC to allow companies working with law enforcement to investigate incidents to delay their reporting.”

Call for Nominations To Serve on the NIST Safety Commission. Federal Register notice. Pull quote: “The Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) intends for a new federal advisory committee to be established, the NIST Safety Commission (Commission). The Commission would provide advice to the NIST Director on matters relating to NIST safety policies; safety management system, practices, and performance; and safety culture. NIST invites and requests nominations of individuals for appointment to the Commission. Registered federal lobbyists may not serve on NIST federal advisory committees in an individual capacity.” Nomination deadline is November 17th, 2022.

Microsoft and Amazon take on new roles in Pentagon’s space communication plans. article. Pull quote: “The focus of the Phase I effort was to create a “Hybrid Gateway Satellite” to prove out next-generation networking technologies. Phase II is aimed at expanding the operational network to link ground-based cloud and internet services with commercial satellite constellations to facilitate secure communications via a hybrid public-private network.”

Draft Project Description for Securing Water and Wastewater Utilities: Cybersecurity for the Water and Wastewater Systems Sector. content. NIST NCCOE project. Pull quote: “The NCCoE project will demonstrate solutions to protect the cybersecurity of infrastructure within the operating environments of WWS sector utilities that address common cybersecurity risks among water and wastewater systems utilities. This project will address areas that have been identified by WWS stakeholders, including: asset management, data integrity, remote access, and network segmentation.” NIST seeking public comments by December 19th, 2022.

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