Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Short Takes – 11-16-22

Deadly Russian strike in Poland risks dangerous escalation. article. Sounds like an accident, but it is a problem. Pull quote: ““Whether it’s an Article 5, whether it was a deliberate attack, we can’t say. But it’s certainly an Article 4 contingency, and there should be discussions about this,” Fried told The Hill.”

After a night of uncertainty, NASA's Artemis moon rocket takes to the skies. article. It was an awesome sight. Pull quote: “This white, bell-shaped capsule, called Orion, has now embarked on a 25-day test flight that will take it around the moon and back. The approximately 1.2-million-mile trip will bring NASA one step closer to achieving its goal of returning humans to the lunar surface.”

NASA took its next giant leap to the moon — what comes next? article. Overview of planned Moon exploration program.  Pull Quote: “Artemis II is slated to launch in 2024, with Artemis III on its heels in 2025 — if the current schedule holds. The Artemis IV mission, currently slated for 2027, will be the first to inhabit the planned lunar outpost NASA calls Gateway.”

Path to 218: Tracking the Remaining House Races. table. The count now stands at 218 Republicans and 211 Democrats; Republicans “control” the House – 6 races undecided; 4 leaning Republican and 2 leaning Democrat.

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