Saturday, November 12, 2022

Short Takes – 11-12-22

Porn and Putin-focused hacks of charging stations drive new cybersecurity steps for an EV boom. article. Pull quote: “Those vulnerabilities threaten more serious impacts than ridiculing Putin or random porn attacks, power industry, private cybersecurity providers, and cybersecurity research leaders said. An October 25 Office of the National Cyber Director-led forum recognized that new answers for EV ecosystem cybersecurity are needed. But stopping Black Hat attackers with financial or worse motives who seem always a step ahead will be challenging, those leaders acknowledged.

Managing Water Resources in a Low-to-No-Snow Future. article. Shrinking snow pack in western US. Pull quote: “The factors causing shrinking snowpacks are predominantly tied to temperature increases and shifting precipitation characteristics. Warmer temperatures also imply that storms will produce more rainfall and less snowfall, limiting the amount of seasonal snowpack that can build through the winter.”

Mark Kelly Wins Arizona Senate Race, Putting Democrats a Seat From Control. article. Pull quote: “Mr. Kelly, long seen as one of his party’s most vulnerable incumbents, rose to victory with the support of national Democrats and some top state Republicans who played up his willingness to reach across the aisle and who cast his candidacy as necessary to preserve American democracy. With 83 percent of the vote counted, he led Mr. Masters by 5.7 percentage points.”

Path to 218: Tracking the Remaining House Races. tracking chart. Latest count R-211, D-204, Undecided-20.

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