Friday, November 11, 2022

Short Takes – 11-11-22

We salute the 4 soldiers who shoveled 1.6 million pounds of sand to build this HESCO tower. article. And I thought mortar pits were hell… Pull quote: “It’s the kind of tiresome work that service members do each and every day around the world, until the fruits of their labors — sprawling fortifications of HESCO, defensive walls, fortified positions, makeshift bridges, and all manner of necessary creations — just blend into the background. They become easy to overlook, and the work required to make such things becomes thankless.”

Highmark Health Finds Cybersecurity Staff in a Tight Labor Market. interview. Pull quote: “In an interview with WSJ Pro, Mr. Khawaja said cyber experience isn’t necessary to join the Pittsburgh-based company’s security team, which numbers about 200. Highmark has experts on staff whose sole job is to run cybersecurity training and development programs for other employees, Mr. Khawaja said.” An interesting approach in the healthcare cybersecurity job market.

Chinese Stocks Surge as Beijing Eases Some Covid Restrictions. article. Mostly about stock news but mentions change in Chinese counter-covid policy. Pull quote: “A summary of the meeting that was released late Thursday said the country will continue with its strict policy of stamping out and preventing Covid transmission, but it would aim to “conduct quick and decisive actions to curb” outbreaks. It also said there would be various measures to optimize Covid control, and that when restrictions are imposed, local authorities should aim to “restore the normal order of work and life as soon as possible.”” How much of a supply-chain effect this will have remains to be seen.

South Korea to Sell Arms to U.S. for Ukrainian Forces Fighting Russia. article. Pull quote: “U.S. officials familiar with the deal said that the U.S. will purchase 100,000 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition that will be delivered to Ukraine, enough to supply Ukraine’s artillery units for at least several weeks of intensive combat.” Will US start to increase ammo manufacturing capability?

Joint FERC-DOE Supply Chain Risk Management, Technical Conference; Supplemental Notice of Technical Conference. Federal Register meeting notice. Pull quote: “The purpose of this conference is to discuss supply chain security challenges related to the Bulk-Power System, ongoing supply chain-related activities, and potential measures to secure the supply chain for the grid's hardware, software, computer, and networking equipment.” December 7th, 2022. Open to public.

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