Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Bills Introduced – 11-29-22

Yesterday, with both the lame duck House and Senate in session, there were 27 bills introduced. Three of those bills may receive future coverage in this blog:

HR 9361 To establish criminal penalties for failing to inform and warn of serious dangers. Scanlon, Mary Gay [Rep.-D-PA-5].

HJ Res 100 To provide for a resolution with respect to the unresolved disputes between certain railroads represented by the National Carriers' Conference Committee of the National Railway Labor Conference and certain of their employees. Payne, Donald M., Jr. [Rep.-D-NJ-10]

H Con Res 119 Providing for a correction in the enrollment of H.J. Res. 100. DeFazio, Peter A. [Rep.-D-OR-4]

Okay, I am not sure what “serious dangers” will trigger my coverage of HR 9361, but I will be watching the language for this bill.

I have been covering HJ Res 100 and H Con Res 119.

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