Thursday, March 8, 2018

ISCD Updates CFATS Landing Page and CSAT 2.0 Manual

Yesterday the DHS Infrastructure Security Compliance Division (ISCD) updated the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program landing page. Most of the changes are related to providing links to the recently issued fact sheets that have been previously discussed here. The one major change is that links have been provided to a new version of the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) 2.0 user manual. The manual is dated February 28th, 2018, but the page linking to it is dated March 5th, 2018. The last time that I noticed a change to this manual was in March of last year.

Unfortunately, ISCD has long since stopped putting management of change information about the new versions of their manuals and have even stopped assigning version numbers. This certainly complicates things for users (and reviewers) of these manuals. Doing a detailed review of the two Table of Contents it does not appear that there were any significant changes made in the latest version of this manual. Having said that, CFATS covered facilities will want to have the latest version on hand and I would keep an historical copy of the version that was used the last time that I made changes to any CFATS submission document.

NOTE 1: We are now a full week into March and ISCD has still not updated their CFATS Monthly Status page.

NOTE 2: Earlier this month DHS added a “Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security News & Updates” section to the bottom of the CFATS landing page. This section provides links to newsworthy events in DHS that have some sort of relevance to chemical security. This has been seen on other DHS web sites.

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