Saturday, March 24, 2018

House Passes HR 5089 – Surface Transportation Security

On Thursday the House passed HR 5089, the Strengthening Local Transportation Security Capabilities Act of 2018, by a strongly bipartisan vote of 397 to 1 (the single Nay was a Republican). The bill was debated on Monday, but the recorded vote was demanded and then delayed until Thursday.

As with HR 5074, this bill was considered on the floor ‘as amended’. Neither bill was amended at the markup hearing conducted earlier this month, but the reported language for HR 5089 did include a minor revision of the language in §3(a). The revised language added: “, as appropriate, from” before the words “the Office of Intelligence and Analysis”. Minor, relatively inconsequential changes like this are not uncommon in reported language coming out of committee.

The bill now waits for the Senate leadership to decide if the bill will be considered in that body. Based upon the vote in the House, I do not suspect that there will be any substantial opposition in the Senate. I would expect to see the bill considered under the ‘without objection’ process; no debate and no vote.

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