Monday, March 5, 2018

HR 5081 Introduced – Surface Transportation Advisory Committee

of policies, programs, initiatives, rulemakings, and security directives pertaining to surface transportation security” {new 6 USC 1621(b)(1)}.


Section 1621(c) establishes the composition of the Committee. It will be composed of voting and non-voting members. The non-voting members would be appointed by specified government agencies and would be expected to provide advise to the Committee; presumably on how the agencies operate.

The voting members would represent the different modes of surface transportation. Those members would come from {§1621(c)(2)}:

• Associations representing such modes of surface transportation;
• Labor organizations representing such modes of surface transportation;
• Groups representing the users of such modes of surface transportation, including asset manufacturers, as appropriate; and
Relevant law enforcement, first responders, and security experts.

Moving Forward

Katko is the Chair of the Transportation and Protective Security Subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee. His two cosponsors are Rep. Watson-Coleman (D,NJ; Subcommittee Ranking Member) and Rep. McCaul (R,TX; Committee Chair). This is certainly strong, bipartisan support within the Committee.

The bill will be considered on Wednesday in the Committee markup hearing. I see nothing in the bill that would attract any significant opposition. It will receive bipartisan support in Committee and likely on the floor of the House should it make it there.


These advisory committees are an effective way to get a wide range of industry input into how to effectively develop regulations. A lesser realized advantage of these groups is that it provides another information conduit for federal agencies to effectively communicate to the regulated communities.

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