Saturday, May 24, 2014

DHS Updates CFATS Knowledge Center – 05-22-14

Last Thursday the folks at DHS Infrastructure Security Compliance Division (ISCD) updated the CFATS Knowledge Center. They made some corrections and updates to links provided in nine responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ). Well actually the changes were made to 7 of the 9 FAQ responses that were marked as having been updated; I cannot see any changes to the other two.

The 9 FAQs are:

• FAQ 1221 – No detectable difference;
• FAQ 1363 – Updated link to CSAT Tool;
• FAQ 1490 – Updated links to CVI Procedures Manual;
• FAQ 1513 – Provides link to SVA Instruction Manual;
• FAQ 1514 – Provides link to SVA Instruction Manual;
• FAQ 1606 – Updated link to CSAT Tool;
• FAQ 1618 – Corrected link to CSAT Tool;
• FAQ 1662 – Corrected link to CSAT Tool;
• FAQ 1733 – No detectable difference.

The links that were updated had to be taken care of because of the changes that ISCD has made over the years in the way they handle links to their various manuals. The current system keeps the same link when they update manuals so FAQ responses (and other documents and sites with links to these manuals) do not have to be changed when manuals are upgraded. Any links to manuals that predate that procedure change will have to be identified and adjusted.

The two ‘corrected links’ changes both dealt with responses that had links to a document and the CSAT site. Unfortunately both links ended up being to the document.

In some ways it is surprising that these changes take so long to make. One would like to think that there is a continuous improvement effort that goes back and reviews these things to catch errors like this. In a perfect world with unlimited funding that would probably happen. I am certain, however, that ISCD does not have a professional proofreader on staff and it really does take a special type person to do this type of document checking.

CFATS Knowledge Center users can help. Any time they see an obvious error or see something that is less than clear people should use the ‘User Feedback’ section of each FAQ to call the matter to the attention of ISCD. And don’t forget, positive feedback is always welcome.

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