Monday, January 13, 2014

ISCD Updates CFATS SSP Status

This afternoon the folks at DHS ISCD got around to posting their year-end update on progress being made on the authorization and approval of the CFATS site security plans with the publication of the January 2014 CFATS Updated Fact Sheet. The data provided is up-to-date as of January 1st.

Readers will certainly remember that the last published update was data through November 19th and that reflected some poor performance numbers due to getting the inspection and authorization program back up and running after the federal funding fiasco. This report covers the entire period from November 19th to January 1st.  Given the fact that there was still some program recovery taking place and there were three holidays included in the time frame the numbers are not too bad.

Figure 1 shows the total number of SSP’s authorized and approved through the end of December. I am changing my month naming convention to reflect the full month of data presented, starting with December.

Figure 2 shows the average number of SSP’s authorized and approved on a daily basis using 25 working days for the period.

Again, keeping in mind the screwy starting situation and the fact that even discounting for holidays, people are short staffed during the month of December, both in government and industry, we have to give ISCD credit for getting a goodly number of actions completed. Given this pace, I expect to see a greatly increased number at the end of January.

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