Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grant Support

I got an interesting email from Adam Crain asking for my support in his grant application for work supporting the open source implementation of the DNP3 protocol. Since this work apparently includes work on the security side of that project I figure that providing moral support and encouragement via this blog is the least that I can do. I am also soliciting additional support for Adam’s work from readers of this blog.

Open Letter

To Whom it May Concern:

I understand that Adam Crain is applying for a Homeland Open Security Technology grant to continue his security related work on the open source implementation of the DNP3 protocol. I would like to express my support for Adam’s continued work in this area and encourage your organization to provide some of the financial assistance that will make that possible.

In an era when many when may security researchers are supporting their work by selling to the highest bidder the vulnerabilities that they uncover Adam continues to share the vulnerabilities that he discovers with the system vendor so that the vulnerabilities can be corrected and the owners can be protected against attacks. Providing grant support for Adam’s work on the DNP3 protocol will help to ensure that Adam can also continue his coordinated disclosure policy on his other related work.

Patrick Coyle
Chemical Facility Security News

Grant Deadline

The deadline for the grant submission is tomorrow so any support that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. You can either post supporting comments here or send me emails (pjcoyle@aol.com) of support that I will forward to Adam.

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