Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cyber-Threat Intelligence – Miscellaneous Info

Cleaning up my computer files this morning I ran across an article I saved a week ago from and a related article from about a new cyber-threat reporting and information sharing program initiated by the FBI called iGuardian. Currently the program is being run by through the InfraGard program and is only available to members of that program. The interesting thing about this program is that it is apparently a two-way program where information from incident reports is shared back to member organizations after being appropriately sanitized.

Towards the end of the FNR article there is a reference to a research paper on cyber threat intelligence sponsored by the Director of National Intelligence and prepared by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI, a Carnegie Mellon organization) on the ‘State of the Practice of Cyber Intelligence’. An SEI blog post on the topic provides some interesting reading. It identifies three peculiar initial findings that represent some challenges for the practice of cyber intelligence:

• A lack of consistent training for the strategic analysis role;
• Reliance on traditional intelligence methodologies; and
• Data gluttony.

As someone who has worked on the periphery of military intelligence on a couple of occasions during my Army career I don’t see that these challenges represent anything new or unique to the cybersecurity realm. I have glanced at their interim report and look forward to having a chance to read it in detail.

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