Friday, March 4, 2011

CFATS Extension Legislation

Yesterday, Congress started the process for a more formal extension of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program with the submission of four separate bills to extend the authorization for that program. None of the bills have yet been published by the GPO (and probably won’t until sometime next week), so we don’t know what provisions are included or for how long each bill would extend the authorization.

The four bills with sponsors are listed below:

● S 473 – Senators Collins (R, ME), Landrieu (D, LA), Portman (R, OH), and Pryor (D, AR) [8:21 pm 03-04-11 Corrected party affiliation of Sen. Collins]

● HR 901 – Representatives Lungren (R, CA), King (R, NY), Long (R, MO), Marino (R, PA), McCaul (R, TX), Rogers (R, AL), Walberg (R, MI), and Walsh (R, IL)

● HR 908 – Representative Murphy (R, PA) and Green (D, TX)

● HR 916 – Representative Dent (R, PA)

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