Sunday, March 6, 2011

FY 2012 Budget Request – CFATS Extension

I have finally had a chance to look through the FY 2012 Budget Appendix, the 1300+ page document that provides more detailed information about the President’s budget request. Even with all of that information there are no details available on the finances of the CFATS program; still too small a program to merit direct mention.

There is an oblique mention however to the program. It is found in §528 (pg 553). There the Obama Administration requests that the §550 authorization for the CFATS program be extended to until October 4th, 2013. Yep, that would effectively make it a two-year extension.

Politically, that would take it beyond the 2012 Congressional elections when the Democrats hope to regain their majority in the House while extending their lead in the Senate. It would appear that the Democratic administration hopes that their return to full-control of the legislative branch would finally allow them to pass ‘comprehensive chemical facility security legislation’.

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