Monday, March 14, 2011

HJ Res 48 to Extend Current Continuing Resolution

Last Friday the House Rules Committee published a committee print of HJ Res. 48, the next short term continuing resolution to keep the Federal government temporarily funded while the Senate and the House work out a FY 2011 funding mechanism acceptable to both sides. This new short term CR (or some substitute) must be adopted before midnight on Friday or else the government will ‘shut down’.

This new bill would extend the current CR (HR 3082 from last session as amended by HJ Res 44 this session; PL 111-242). The changes included in the committee print of HJ Res 48 would not have any new effect on DHS spending (with the exception of one rescission of Customs and Border Protection construction spending; §257). The CFATS authority would be extended until April 8, 2011; the same date as the CR would expire. There is no specific mention of the CFATS authorization in this bill, but it changes the date in §106(a) of the base legislation which is the date referred to in the CFATS extension language.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog on hearings, the House Rules Committee will be meeting This afternoon to prepare the rule for the consideration of this bill before the House. A floor vote in the House would be expected late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Then it heads to the Senate.

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