Thursday, March 10, 2011

CFATS Knowledge Center Update 03-10-11

Earlier today DHS-ISCD updated the CFATS Knowledge Center web site. According to a brief note in the ‘Latest News’ section; “Material regarding the 2010 Agricultural Survey has been removed from the Knowledge Center.” This is certainly overdue since the Survey submissions were completed in October of last year, but it is really of little consequence since no further action is required by CFATS covered facilities on the Survey.

Of the 20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that pertained to the Ag Survey (FAQ # 1671 through 1691), only one is still directly listed on the CFATS Knowledge Center site, FAQ # 1673. That question was added with the introduction of the Agricultural Survey but specifically addresses the indefinite Top Screen submission deadline extension for agricultural processing facilities; that deadline extension still remains in effect.

Downloadable FAQ List

The downloadable list of current FAQ and Articles has been updated to reflect the removal of the Ag Survey questions. Well, almost. Two questions that are no accessible from the Knowledge Center regarding the Survey are still listed in this document; FAQ 1690 and 1691. The first is a Ag Survey question that is no longer pertinent. The second addresses the concentration of COI in fertilizers and it still provides valuable information for CFATS facilities.

Old ‘Latest News’

There are four other items in the ‘Latest News’ section of the Knowledge Center page that are at least one-month old and the oldest date back to last year. The folks responsible for this page should periodically remove the older listings from this section. I’m not sure what a reasonable removal schedule would be, but items over a month old should not be listed as ‘Latest News’.

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