Thursday, March 17, 2011

Senate Approves HJ Res 48

The Senate this afternoon voted 87 to 13 to pass HJ Res 48, the latest short-term extension of the current continuing resolution funding the Federal government. This resolution will extend the current CR until April 8th if it is signed, as expected, by President Obama. The resolution includes language that would extend the current authorization for the CFATS program (among others) until April 8th.

Nine of the 13 Nay votes came from Republican Senators, generally reflecting their displeasure at the continuing use of short term funding measures instead completing a funding bill for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Conventional wisdom would claim that this three week extension will provide additional time for congressional leaders to work out a compromise funding program for the remainder of this fiscal year so that Congress can start to work on the FY 2012 budget. Unfortunately the current work plan for the House and Senate includes a recess next week during which little work is expected on the spending plan.

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