Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another CFATS Webinar

The folks at have announced a new webinar on the CFATS process. The March 17th webinar will feature a familiar trio as presenters; Ryan Loughin from ADT, Steve Roberts head of Roberts Law Group, and William Almond a SOCMA VP. All three are well known commentors on matters related to chemical security.

Two of the topics that will be covered look to be especially interesting. First Steve Roberts is going to address the difference between Pre-Authorization Inspections and Authorization Inspections. Since DHS has actually started (to a very limited extent) the Authorization Inspections this could be some valuable information, particularly to those facilities that have gone through a PAI.

Bill Almond, who is VP for Government Relations at SOCMA, will look at DHS and Legislative policy updates. Currently the advertising says he will look at material modifications and personal surety policy, both of which are certainly important. I suspect that, if new legislation is introduced this week as reported by SOCMA, he will also look at that CFATS reauthorization legislation.

As is usual, you can’t beat the cost. I’ve already signed up.

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