Friday, July 2, 2010

NMSAC Meeting 07-20-10

Today the Coast Guard posted a notice in the Federal Register announcing the upcoming meeting of the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee on July 20th in Washington, DC. There will also be an interactive live web cast of this meeting allowing for off-site participation. The morning portion of the day-long meeting will be open to the public. The public agenda for the meeting includes:
• TWIC Update • Discussion on creation of a National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) Sub-Committee • DHS Global Supply Chain Security Strategy initiative • Maritime Transportation Security Act update • Update from CDC Strategy Working Group • Update on the Small Vessel Security Strategy
On-site public seating is very limited so advanced registration is required. To register contact Ryan Owens via email by July 13th. Registration for and viewing of the on-line access to the meeting can be done at; follow instructions for registration. Oral presentations by the public may be authorized by the Chair. Anyone wishing to make such a presentation should contact Mr. Owens by July 13th. Written material may be submitted for advanced distribution to committee members. Twenty-five copies of such material needs to be sent by July 13th to Mr. Owens at:
Mr. Ryan Owens, ADFO of the NMSAC 2100 2nd Street SW, Stop 7581 Washington, DC 20593-7581

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