Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Committee Approves Amended HR 2868

In an unusual display of bipartisanship the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved an amended version of HR 2868 on a roll call vote of 13-0. As was expected Sen. Collins (R, ME) offered a substitute version of the bill that substantially modifies the intent and language of the legislation that substitute language was adopted by unanimous consent. According to Sen. Collins’ comments, her amendment would:
● 3 year re-authorization for the current CFATS program ● Voluntary exercise and training program ● Create in DHS a voluntary technical assistance program for methods to reduce consequences ● Create best practices clearing house
The actual language of the substitute will not be available until the Committee report is published. Chairman Lieberman (I, CT) noted that there would need to be significant modifications made to this version of the bill for it to get through passage on the Senate floor and subsequently through negotiations in Conference with the House.

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