Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CFATS Knowledge Center Update 07-27-10

The folks at ISCD added a new item to the ‘Latest News Section’ of the CFATS Knowledge Center web page. Apparently the letters sent out to the facilities that were being required to complete the Agricultural Survey had an error in link to CSAT. The new note states:
“Letters with the corrected link to the CSAT Portal (https://csat.dhs.gov/csat) have been posted for facilities to access the Agriculture Survey. DHS regrets the initial error. Deadline for the Agriculture Survey is Monday, September 20, 2010.”
Covered facilities should have already had the URL for CSAT nearly hardwired into their systems by this time, but this certainly could have confused some people. Please note, however, that the revised letters do not change the due date for submitting the Survey.

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