Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miscellaneous DHS Updates

Two brief DHS information updates that I found in different sources today. The first comes from the Private Sector Office via their ‘Private Sector Update’ email today and the other from the CFATS Knowledge Center web site. Also some information on the Chemical Sector Security Summit that ended today. Private Resource Catalogue According to their periodic email update, the Private Sector Office is beginning to look at updating their recently released Private Sector Catalogue that I wrote about back in late May. Keeping this catalogue up to date is going to be a continuing effort for the PSO. They are requesting help in the way of “any ideas, comments, complaints or criticisms”. Send your help to the Private Sector Office. CFATS Knowledge Center Update One of the interesting things about the new CFATS Knowledge Center page is that it provides an alternative communications link to the chemical security community. Today the CFATS folks used the ‘Latest News’ section of the page to provide the following tidbit of information:
“Please note, between July 9-16, 2010, ISCD and its Compliance Branch will be in the process of moving to a new office. We appreciate your patience if we are slightly delayed in returning your correspondence. Thank you.”

Coming right after the Chemical Sector Security Summit which they were intimately involved in will certainly make this an interesting time for these people; particularly with the current heat wave in the DC area. Moving offices is even less fun than moving houses; enjoy people. Chemical Sector Security Summit Speaking of the Chemical Sector Security Summit, I’m sure that I am just one of a large number of people that regret not being able to attend. From the Tweets it sounded like a very interesting program. If you weren’t following the socma tweets live you can go back and read them (and a few other comments as well) by typing in #CFATS on the Twitter® search bar. There will be more info coming, both from DHS and SOCMA over the coming weeks. I’ll be watching for that and will provide links and appropriate comments. I would also like to hear from people that did attend.

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