Friday, May 7, 2010

More Info Sources

Earlier this week Ryan Loughin from ADT had an interesting post on his blog at He provided a number of suggestions for on-line information sources about CFATS. Since it included a favorable comment about this blog, I can certainly recommend that you read his posting. Actually, I’m kind of jealous that I didn’t think of providing this type of information source listing first. DHS CFATS Links The only complaint that I have is with the specific link that he provided for DHS website. It is a perfectly good link, but it is one that is subject to change. Every time that the Department updates that particular page, they change URL. For that reason, I would recommend the Chemical Security web page instead; this is a ‘landing page’ whose URL does not change. There isn’t much actual information on the page but it does provide links for most of the DHS information on chemical security, including the CSAT page, the CVI page, and the CFATS Page. The last one is actually called the “Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security” page which causes some confusion. This may be the most valuable single CFATS page because it provides links for each of the important CFATS instruction documents for the CSAT Registration, Top Screen, SVA and SSP (including the RBPS Guidance). Oh yes, don’t overlook the link on the left side of the page to “Laws and Regulations”. This page provides links to all sorts of ‘legal’ documents related to CFATS. If you need to look at the Federal Register notices establishing the CFATS program, this is the place to easily find the links to the appropriate pages. Other DHS Chemical Security Pages While the Chemical Security page provides a good entry into the CFATS program, there are a number of other pages that could be valuable to people in the chemical security community. The Critical Infrastructure landing page provides a large number of links to a wide variety of critical infrastructure key resources (CIKR) protection programs. A landing page that may be more important to chemical manufacturing facilities is the landing page for the DHS CERT Control Systems program. This page provides a number of links to information sources for the cyber security of control systems. It links to a page for cyber security training and another page with links to news stories of interest to cyber security professionals.

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