Sunday, May 9, 2010

Critical Infrastructure Security Summit

One of the things that go along with being a blogger is that people contact you with a lot of different kinds of information. At this blog I frequently receive notices about upcoming chemical security related seminars and meetings. When ever they sound interesting I like to pass them along. I got the notice about this over a week ago, but just now had a chance to check it out; sounds interesting so here goes. The International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) is holding the 2nd Critical Infrastructure Security Summit next month in Washington, DC. According to the summit brochure this three-day meeting will focus on “enhancing cyber security for industrial control systems”. Presenters and panels will come from industry, government and academia. Pre-summit workshops will include:
● Developing Institutional Response Initiatives through Strategic Organizational Development Tactics ● Fortifying Systems through Vulnerability Identification, Risk Mitigation, and Tactical System Redesign ● Strategizing Your Cyber Security Action Plan: Assessment, Procurement Methodology, and Implementation Measures
If those workshop names don’t give it away, then the price (all access - $2,699) will; this summit is not designed for facility security managers or cyber security managers. No it is designed for corporate security mangers and corporate IT managers; the people that will set high-level cyber security policy and financially facilitate its implementation. A number of the presentations and panel actually sound interesting to me, and I would attend if I had a four or five thousand dollars just sitting around. Joe Weiss will be giving a presentation: The Myths and Misunderstandings of Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security. There will also be a couple of presentations by the FBI, including: Responding to Cyber Attacks on Your Systems. For readers of this blog that live/work at the facility level, this is the type of meeting that you recommend up the line. After all, the money people at Corporate do need to understand the scope and type of problems that facility security managers will need to deal with. Conferences like this one will provide the necessary appreciation of those problems. Added 05-11-10 - Anyone needing additional details can contact P.S. Barba (, (212) 885-2716)

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