Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ICSJWG Page Update 05-24-10

Yesterday, while making one of my periodic checks of the Industrial Control System Joint Working Group web page I noticed that they had updated information available about their fall meeting. Their Fall Conference will be held on October 25-28, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. They have general agenda and Call for Papers information available. On the last day of the Conference there will be an 8-hour Introduction to Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity training session. Proposals for papers and panels need to be submitted by July 28th via an electronic form that is not yet available. The program committee is looking for presentations in the following topics of interest:
Workforce Development Control Systems Security Research International Coordination Standards Development Incident Response and Handling Vulnerability Management Emerging Technologies Managing Vendor Relations Law Enforcement and Forensics for ICS Integration of Cryptographic Technologies Security Management Metrics Information Sharing Wireless Integration in ICS environments Lessons learned Securing network perimeters Malware and Vulnerabilities Effective Cybersecurity Programs Coordination of Threat Reporting and Determining Attribution
I don’t see a single topic listed here that wouldn’t be a valuable subject for discussion, but I would have liked to see at least one topic that directly addressed government cyber security standards (CIP, CFATS, etc). In fact, it would probably be worth while to have a representative of the various enforcement agencies provide updated information on their programs.

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Bob Radvanovsky said...

And also note that there is nothing there for "defining forensics capabilities" listed, either. ;)

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