Friday, May 21, 2010

Greenpeace Security Inspections

No matter which side you take on the politics of the Greenpeace efforts, no one can ever accuse them of lack of chutzpah. Thanks to a Twitter® post from greenpeaceusa I found their latest effort in the campaign against industrial chlorine use. They have a series of pictures, with appropriate captions, on their “Real Chemical Security Now” page on FLICKR®. Most of the pictures show their green airship over the DuPont facility in Edge Moore, DE. Now the pictures do not show anymore detail than Google Maps® provides for similar facilities, so they haven’t really compromised the security of the facility. The pictures from another aircraft, probably a helicopter, do show how easy it would be to do an aerial reconnaissance of these sites. Or conduct an aerial attack if you knew what to aim your small plane at. I haven’t heard anything in the news about FAA complaints about over flights, so I would assume that: a – no one at DuPont noticed, or b – there are no special flight restrictions in these areas. It is almost certainly a combination of the two. In any case, Greenpeace once again gets style points while keeping their message fresh. I’m only surprised that they didn’t have a ground-based photo op to compliment the aerial photography. Keep your eyes open in the DE-NJ-MD area for the green airship over other chemical plants. BTW: Greenpeace – Hydrogen or Helium? Hydrogen would be greener if slightly more dangerous.

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