Saturday, May 8, 2010

DHS CSAT FAQ Page Update 05-07-10

Earlier this week DHS updated one of the responses to their extensive listing of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the Chemical Security Assessment Tool for the CFATS program. The response was for the following question: 1363: I have completed the Top-Screen and submitted it to DHS, but I discovered that I need to make some changes to the information I submitted. How can I do this? In this case there was absolutely no change in the actual wording of the answer. The change was made to the heading under which the question was filed. The earlier version (posted 5-22-09) of this response the question was filed under the “Usernames/Passwords” heading, a completely inappropriate heading given the question and the response. The latest incarnation of this question is filed under the “Top Screen Navigation and Troubleshooting” heading.

This will make it easier to find the question while browsing the long FAQ list. With a list of questions as long as this, properly listing the question under the appropriate heading is really an important correction.

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