Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CFATS Webinar

The folks at Chemical Processing Magazine and ADT Advanced Integration are sponsoring a CFATS Webinar on June 17th at 1:00 pm EDT. The three presenters, Ryan Loughin (ADT), Michael Kennedy (SOCMA), and Steve Roberts (Roberts Law Group) will address:
• CFATS Road Map & Timeline • CFATS Regulatory & Legislative Updates • CFATS Regulatory Considerations for SSPs
All three of these presenters are very knowledgeable and experienced speakers. The topics are timely and they certainly have the experience and background to provide valuable insights on their respective topics. Traci Perdum, the Senior Digital Editor for ChemicalProcessing.com will be moderating the program and live Q&A session that will follow the presentations. The only thing missing from this webinar is participation by DHS. ADT has had DHS presenters at earlier webinars. What would be interesting would be to have Larry Stanton give his presentation on the IST reporting tool that DHS is considering adding to the CFATS program. I have an article on their proposal coming out in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Hazmat Transportation. Stanton made his presentation back in March at a CCPS meeting and it would be interesting to see the response to the proposal before a more general audience like this.

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