Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DHS-CERT CSSP Calendar Page Update 05-11-10

The DHS-CERT Control System Security Program has updated their Calendar web page. They have had June training date posted for their Introduction to Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity for Federal Employees class for almost a week now, but today they have added a class description and registration information. It’s kind of odd since a July training date has had this type information available since last month.

Of course, the July training is an advance class that lasts five days and is being held in the Idaho Falls, ID training center. The June 9th class will be held in Washington, DC and it will be an introductory course. These classes are for Federal employees and contractors and are free of charge. Only a limited number of spaces are available. As DHS and the rest of the Federal Government ramp up the number of employees available for cyber security duties, classes like these are going to be very valuable. As I noted in my blog about the July class, I certainly recommend that ISCD get as many of their chemical inspectors to these classes as possible. Last week I explained that there is a weakness in the CFATS inspection program because of the dearth of qualified ICS security experts to conduct SSP inspections. These CERT classes will be invaluable in correcting that situation. As always, I would really like to hear from any readers that attend these classes. I would like to hear the gory details of how well these classes are taught and how comprehensive the coverage is. As a professional instructor I know that student feedback is not necessarily a good gauge of instructional performance, but it is one of the few metrics to which I will have access.

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