Friday, March 12, 2010

Tips for Completing SSP

ADT Security has been a frequent source of information about CFATS implementation. Their latest offering, a white paper offering Ten Tips for Completing a Site Security Plan, can be downloaded from Unlike many white papers from chemical industry vendors, this document has almost no self-promotion. In fact, the only advertising in this document is the ADT logo on each page and a brief explanation of the services they provide on the last page.

The well written text provides details on their following ten tips:

1. Develop Your Plan Before You Begin the SSP 2. Know What Your Tier Level Means 3. Understand the Ramifications of “Release” Security Issues and “Theft & Diversion” Security Issues 4. Include All of Your Critical Assets in Your Plan 5. Apply the Concepts of Control, Deter, Detect & Delay 6. Record Your Answers & Rationale 7. Consider Using Industry Standards & Best Practices 8. Generate a List of Security Procedures 9. Generate a List of Responsible Personnel 10. Seek Help with Your Plan
There is good information on each tip, but I particularly like their 5th Tip. ADT takes the Deter, Detect and Delay information provided by DHS in the Risk Based Performance Guidance Document and adds an important new concept, Control. They describe ‘control’ this way:
“This is the ability of a facility to manage its activities and assets. Control requires that a facility have policies, procedures and technologies in place that establish rights, authorities and responsibilities and to provide monitoring and feedback. Control applies to nearly every aspect of security, from designating who has access and what they have access to, to determining how access is granted and monitoring how that access is used. Control applies to information as well as access to physical space and assets. Control also requires that a facility maintain a reporting and management structure that supports the allocation of authority and responsibility.”
I have no idea how good a job ADT does with actually helping chemical facilities with the development and implementation of site security plans, but I have been very impressed with the information provided in their webinars and now this white paper. I certainly recommend that any facility working on their Site Security Plan should download and read this free whitepaper.

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