Friday, March 19, 2010

DHS Open Government Dialogue Last Day

There are only hours left to provide DHS with your Ideas on how they can make the Department more transparent and participative. I’m not sure exactly when today that they will stop accepting Ideas and/or votes on posted Ideas, so get the last minute submissions/votes in early. New Idea There is one new Idea since yesterday’s blog on this topic that is of potential interest to the chemical security community. Rjsind left an Idea, Discovery Channel, that questioned that TV Channel’s airing of an episode of ‘Breaking point’ that showed how a building being destroyed by a propane explosion. Now readers of this blog are fully aware of how destructive an vapor cloud explosion can be, but rjsind questioned the advisability of broadcasting that information to the world. Now I haven’t seen this particular show, but I doubt that it should any more information on the topic than any number of news reports, or a wide variety of other television shows. So the question isn’t really this show, but the general dissemination of this type of information. While this is a topic that should be discussed, I don’t see this as a viable part of the Open Government program, so I voted against this Idea. Ideas Being Followed Below is the current status of the topics that I have been following: Fed Fatigue, Edward D Clark, 23 Positive Votes (Ranked #9) Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Watch Program(HS CIWP), Steven Hopkins, 9 Positive Votes (Ranked #40) Port/Fuel Security, Tom Frock, 7 Positive Votes (Ranked #52) DHS Policy on Social Media, Hugh R. Griffiths, 3 Positive Votes (Ranked #82) The following is the current status of Ideas that I have submitted to the site: Public Security Reporting Tools, 9 Positive Votes (Ranked #40) Explanations for Delays in Rule Making Process, 8 Positive Votes (Ranked #45)

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