Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DHS CERT Training Web Page Update 03-29-10

On Monday, DHS updated the CERT Control System Security Program’s Calendar web page. They updated the information available for the three regional training courses that CERT will be offering in May; Introduction to Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity. I had mentioned these courses in a blog last week. In that blog I noted that two of the courses had only shown contact information while the third iteration provided a link to a .PDF brochure for the course. The updated page now provides a link to a separate .PDF brochure for each of the classes; San Diego, Orange County, and Scottsdale. As I had predicted (which required very little predictive skill, obviously) the brochures are essentially identical with the exception of location specific data of dates and venues. Interestingly, the Orange County, CA is still listed at ‘TBD’. The same point of contact is listed for all three courses: Pete Owen.

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