Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DHS Open Government Dialogue Closed

On March 19th, DHS (along with 23 other US Government Agencies) closed its Open Government Dialogue web site to further public input. The site is still available for viewing; there will be no new ideas to be posted nor will there be any more voting on ideas. A total of 150 Ideas had been submitted by the public along with 110 other Ideas that DHS determined to be ‘Off-Topic’. Each of those topics had been voted on by members of the visiting public. Now DHS will be taking a detailed look at those Ideas and ideas generated in-house to determine how they can be incorporated into the Obama Administration’s ‘Open Government Plan’. DHS plans to post a draft copy of their Open Government Plan to the same web site on April 7th. Below is the final status of the topics that I have been following on this blog: Fed Fatigue, Edward D Clark, 24 Positive Votes (Ranked #9) Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Watch Program(HS CIWP), Steven Hopkins, 9 Positive Votes (Ranked #42) Port/Fuel Security, Tom Frock, 7 Positive Votes (Ranked #53) DHS Policy on Social Media, Hugh R. Griffiths, 3 Positive Votes (Ranked #82) The following is the final status of the two Ideas that I have submitted to the site: Public Security Reporting Tools, 9 Positive Votes (Ranked #42) Explanations for Delays in Rule Making Process, 8 Positive Votes (Ranked #46) I look forward to seeing if and how these Ideas are incorporated into the Open Government Plan.

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