Monday, March 22, 2010

DHS CSAT FAQ Page Update 03-19-10

Last week DHS posted updated versions of its answers to four of its extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the CSAT FAQ Page. The four questions were: 1493: How much is a facility required to know about its customers’ business transactions to complete an SVA? 1581: How do I enter the potential refinery crude sources requested in the Top-Screen? 1606: I recently received an e-mail telling me there is a CSAT letter available for me to access and print. How do I go about accessing this letter? 1618: How do I access and acknowledge CSAT letters (for example, my facility's tiering letter)? The only change that I can find in any of the four answers is in the response to 1618. There I noted that DHS has changed the URL for the CSAT Portal to: Unfortunately, the new link does not work. The old URL printed in the October 21st, 2009 version of the question,, does work, but the link actually embedded in that URL,, does not work. So if you clicked on the previous answer it would not work, but if you cut/pasted the URL you would get the actual link to CSAT Portal, So when all ‘new’ responses are considered, it doesn’t look like any real changes were made to the CSAT FAQ page after all other than to remove an active link to the CSAT Portal.

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