Thursday, March 18, 2010

DHS Open Government Dialogue 03-17-10

Tomorrow will be the last day for posting Ideas or voting for Ideas on the DHS Open Government Dialogue. As of last night the Idea count had increased to 136 Ideas while the Off-Topic Ideas had only gained one new entry, bringing the total to 110. There are no new chemical security related ideas since my last blog on this topic. Below is the current status of the topics that I have been following: Fed Fatigue, Edward D Clark, 22 Positive Votes (Ranked #9) Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Watch Program(HS CIWP), Steven Hopkins, 8 Positive Votes Port/Fuel Security, Tom Frock, 7 Positive Votes DHS Policy on Social Media, Hugh R. Griffiths, 3 Positive Votes The following is the current status of Ideas that I have submitted to the site: Public Security Reporting Tools, 9 Positive Votes Explanations for Delays in Rule Making Process, 8 Positive Votes There is still time to vote on the current Ideas or to post an Idea of your own. If any reader posts a chemical security related Idea before this is shutdown tomorrow evening, let me know. I’ll provide links on this page (whether or not I agree with the Idea) so that other readers can vote on the Idea. It is really a shame that there hasn’t been more public participation on this site. It isn’t often that cabinet level agencies ask for public input on how that more effective communications can be established between the government and the public. Of course, DHS hasn’t been doing much to publicize their outreach, so I guess that the level of participation shouldn’t be too surprising.

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