Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ICSJWG Spring Agenda

The DHS CERT’s Industrial Control System Joint Working Group’s (ICSJWG) web page about their spring meeting now provides a link to a draft agenda for that meeting. Since it is prominently labeled draft, I would assume that there are still changes being planned, but it still looks like this meeting will provide a great deal of interesting information. It looks like there will be presentations from just about everybody of consequence in the ICS Cyber Security Community. The topics range from analysis of actual cyber security incidents, to defeating malicious code, to managing patch management. While there is not time to cover every possible topic, it looks like the organizers have done a good job at trying to accomplish just that.

The one topic that is missing that I am disappointed in is that there is no presentation on the implementation of the cyber security requirements for the chemical facility anti-terrorism standards (CFATS). As this program is just now hitting the actual enforcement stage of its implementation, I would have thought that some practical coverage of this program would be important for this group. Maybe it will show up in a later version of the agenda.

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