Friday, August 14, 2009

Reader Comment 08-13-09 No Weiss PhD

A reader from SCADASEC-L, an on-line SCADA Security discussion group, corrected my awarding of a Ph. D. to Joe Weiss in my blog posting yesterday. As the reader noted, I remembered him being called (or described as, I can’t remember for sure) Dr. Weiss at a Congressional Hearing, but that was not the sole reason that I used the title. I intended it to be a measure of the respect that I hold for Joe’s learned opinions on ICS security issues. Even so, I apologize for inappropriately using the honorific ‘Dr’ in attributing Joe’s comments. While I certainly appreciate the friendly, constructive tone that was used in this correction, I recognize that there are people in the world who get very upset about the misuse of such honorifics. I certainly don’t want to get Joe Weiss in trouble with such people. He already has his work cut out for him fighting the demons of inept security practices; he doesn’t need the added burdens of fighting the honorifics police (which certainly does not include the reader who made this comment). As always, I appreciate the constructive criticism and urge readers that note mistakes in my posting to let me know about them.

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J. Cusimano said...

If you made an error in referring to Joe Weiss as Dr. Weiss you are in good company. His name plaque read, "Dr. Weiss" when he testified before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Here's the photo to prove it...

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