Monday, August 31, 2009

DHS CSAT FAQ Page Update 8-28-09

Last week DHS updated the responses to two of the questions on the DHS CSAT FAQ web page. Those questions were: 707 How do I change the name of the Authorizer/Submitter/Preparer? 1633 As used in the CSAT SSP tool, what is the difference between a planned security measure and a proposed security measure? The update to the response to question 707 involved the correction of a minor typo. The update to the response to question 1633 involves a clarification of a definition of a ‘planned security measure’ in the Site Security Plan. The old definition included the explanation that such a measure was one that the facility had “definitely decided to install/implement”. The new wording changes that to read “committed to install/implement”. This should make it more clear that a facility will have to be able to show some sort of documentation to a DHS inspector to demonstrate that commitment if the measure had not yet been installed at the time of the inspection. Additionally a missing phrase, “for facility to remain in compliance with the SSP” was added to the statement explaining that planned security measures that are approved by DHS must be implemented. There were also some minor formatting changes made in the response to this question.

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