Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hacking IP Video Cameras

There is an interesting article over on John Honovich’s IPVideoMarket.Info web site about a demonstration at the recent Defcon showing that it is possible to hack into IP video cameras. This would allow a thief to insert a fake video signal into the system which would permit operations in the ‘covered area’ without detection. Of course we have seen this many times on TV and in the movies, but this was a real time demonstration and thus a major cause for concern. Or is it? This is one of the things that I love about stuff on John’s web site. He provides basic information and then he goes on to explain the rest of the story. I’ll quote the close of John’s article here, but you really should read the rest. It is well worth the time.
“This type of attack is security theater - the type of risk that sounds exciting and threatening but is simultaneously unrealistic and ignores more fundamental risks that should be addressed. Maybe maximum level security operations should examine this but I suspect even they have more basic flaws in their video surveillance that need to be addressed first.”

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