Friday, August 7, 2009

Chem Security Web Page Update 08-06-09

Back on Wednesday I had some problems finding the DHS Chemical Security web pages that I routinely check for changes and updates. I have been fairly busy this week with a heavier than normal teaching load so I didn’t have time to follow-up on the apparent problem. Yesterday I figured out what was going on, DHS was doing a major re-work of the entry page for the chemical security web pages. The new page was operational yesterday. Now there is a single page that allows for easy access to chemical facility security information, the DHS Chemical Security page. This page allows for direct access to the following pages: Request a Presentation Chemical Security Assessment Tool Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security Links to all of the CSAT manuals can be found in the “Key Documents” section on the right-hand side of the Chemical Security Assessment Tool page. Links to Compliance Assistance Visit information and the CFATS FAQ page can be found on the Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security page. The Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information page includes links to the CVI manual, CVI training, and the CVI cover page. Constructive Criticism I would have liked to see a direct link to the FAQ page and the Compliance Assistance Visit page on the main Chemical Security page. Also a link to the Chemical Security section of the DHS Laws & Regulations web page would have been helpful. Additionally I would have liked to see the links to Top Screen and SVA in the ‘I want to …’ box on the Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security page take one directly to the relevant page instead of the Chemical Security Assessment Tool page to click on another link. There is one other problem, the link for CVI Training on the Chemical Security Assessment Tool page does not work, but the link on the Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information page does get you to the training site. Still, DHS is working on continuous improvement of their web presence. For that they are certainly to be congratulated; keep up the good work.

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