Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reader Comment 08-05-09 SSP Webinar

Last week a reader, Jesse Maruschak, posted a question in response to my blog on the DHS/ChemITC webinar on the Site Security Plan. Jesse wrote: “Could you please post information on how we could become a participant in the next informational webinar, I would appreciate it”. It took a little longer than I had hoped to confirm some information, but here is the answer to Jesse’s question. First, DHS is giving priority for the webinar slots to facilities that have been notified to complete the SSP. The facilities that have received their notification, should receive an email, through their designated Submitter, at about the same time that they receive their notification letter. That email will include, among other things, an explanation of how to sign up for the webinar. If that email has not arrived within a couple of days of the notification letter, the Submitter should contact the CSAT Help Desk (866-323-2957). Other requests for webinar participation on a space available basis should be made by email to CFATS@DHS.Gov. The email should probably include a brief explanation of why participation is being requested and point of contact information (phone and email) of the person making the request. I would be willing to bet that DHS would be willing to work out special presentations (similar to the ChemITC presentation that I participated in) for industry groups. That does not mean that the presentation would be tailored to the particular industry (but you could certainly ask), but that the industry group could coordinate for the registration of a number of their members, instead of everyone trying to make that connection on their own. Finally, I would like to reiterate something that I suggested in the earlier blog. If a facility is getting ready to do their SSP, having the entire team watch this presentation in a facility conference room with a single log-in would probably be the way to go. I’ll add to that now that there is apparently a copy of the slide presentation now available on the Chemical Sector Security Summit web page (though I certainly don’t expect that DHS will update that set with any changes that might be made to the presentation). Making copies of that slide set for each participant might make it easier to take better notes. Hope that helps, Jesse. Again, sorry it took so long to get back with the information, but as I understand it DHS is doing these presentations almost weekly.

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