Monday, August 10, 2009

Control System Security Conference November 2009

The Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group (ICSJWG) will be holding their 2009 Fall Conference this November in Idaho Falls, ID. This will be a networking and educational event for control systems stakeholders from industry, government, academia, international, vendor, and research and development communities. There is no charge for attending the conference. According to the web site:
“The ICSJWG Conference will consist of panel discussions, presentations, training, and working group meetings on various topics such as emerging technologies, standards development, threat and incident reporting, analysis tools and techniques, roadmap development initiatives, workforce development and certification, vulnerability management, research and development, information sharing, and international coordination.”
The Program Committee is still accepting proposal abstracts for presentations or panels. Proposals must be submitted via the electronic form prior to August 17, 2009. According to the Call for Papers: “Marketing or sales presentations aimed at gaining the audience’s interest in services, capabilities, or products will NOT be approved.” Topics will include:
Workforce Development Control Systems Security Research International Coordination Standards Development Incident Handling Vulnerability Management Emerging Technologies Managing Vendor Relations Integration of Cryptographic Technologies Security Management Metrics Wireless Integration in ICS environments Coordination of Threat Reporting
This is being billed as an opportunity for government professionals, control systems vendors and systems integrators, research and development and academic professionals, and owners and operators to interface with cyber security peers and stay abreast with the latest initiatives impacting security for industrial control systems.

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