Monday, August 17, 2009

DHS CSAT FAQ Page Update 08-14-09

Last week DHS reviewed/updated six answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the CSAT FAQ web page. All six questions dealt with user roles and account transfers. The six questions were: 706 I have multiple usernames. Can I get rid of the duplicates? 707 How do I change the name of the Authorizer/Submitter/Preparer? 711 What are the responsibilities of a submitter? 724 What are the responsibilities of a preparer? 1391 When would I transfer accounts? 1392 When would I have the ability to transfer my account or reassign my user role? The only change seems to be a name change of an application/tool within the CSAT system. The new FAQ answers tell the User to use “Manage My Account application” instead of the “User Change Request System” referenced in the earlier versions of these FAQ answers. Since I am not a registered CSAT User (not being a ‘high-risk chemical facility’) I cannot access the CSAT system to see if there are any significant differences between the old and new tools. But, looking at the changes in the answers it does not seem that there are any significant differences. Interestingly, the DHS CSAT web site uses yet different terminology on the Update My Information page. It calls for using the “Update My Information” link after logging into CSAT.

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